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Why you need an Estate Plan and a Financial Plan

Posted on: November 15th, 2016
If you want to leave a robust financial legacy for your family, a financial plan alone is like trying to guide a boat with just one oar. It’s only part of the big picture for your overall monetary health. A well-informed financial plan is worth your time for several reasons, but let’s look at how financial and estate planning can work in tandem to create the best possible future for you and your family in the years to come....

Remember to Protect Your Pets

Posted on: November 11th, 2016
Let’s look at 3 famous pet trust cases and consider the lessons we can take away from them so your furry family member can be protected through your plan....

Are you thinking of giving an early inheritance to your children?

Posted on: October 12th, 2016
If you’re thinking about giving your children their inheritance early, you’re not alone. A recent Merrill Lynch study suggests that these days, nearly two-thirds of people over the age of 50 would rather pass their assets to the children early than make them wait until the will is read....

Who Will Make Decisions About Your Health Care If You Cannot?

Posted on: October 7th, 2016
A Health Care Power of Attorney, also called a Health Care Proxy or Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care, lets you give legal authority to another person (a proxy or agent) to make decisions about your health care if you are unable to make them yourself....

What To Do After a Loved One Dies

Posted on: September 28th, 2016
If you've been appointed an executor of a loved one's estate, or a successor trustee, and that person dies, your grief – not to mention your to-do list, including tasks ranging from planning the funeral, coordinating relatives coming in from out of town and (eventually) meeting with a trust administration or probate lawyer – can be quite overwhelming. First and foremost, take care of yourself during this emotional time. ...

Planning for Blended Families: Second or Later Marriages and Divorce of Beneficiaries

Posted on: September 21st, 2016
A brief look at statistics reveals that family structure has dramatically changed over time and that there’s an astonishing variety of family structures out there. Everything ranging from the “traditional” nuclear family to blended families of step-siblings and half-siblings headed by parents in a second or later marriage....

Stress Test Your Estate Plan

Posted on: September 14th, 2016
So you’ve done the hard work of establishing an estate plan. Good on you, as they say across the Pond. However, you still have serious work to do to ensure that the strategy you’ve selected will maximize your peace of mind and protect your legacy....

10 Types of Trusts: A Quick Look

Posted on: May 24th, 2016
Considering the myriad of trusts available, creating an estate plan that works can seem daunting. However, that’s what we, as estate planning attorneys, do every day. We know the laws and will design a plan which addresses your specific situation. ...

Estate Planning: 3 Reasons We Run the Other Way

Posted on: April 12th, 2016
We understand that it feels hard to get around to estate planning; it sounds about as fun as getting a root canal. However, we also understand that we all want to make sure that our loved ones are protected and receive our hard-earned assets – regardless of whether we have $10 million or $10,000....

Revocable Trust vs. Irrevocable Trust: Which Is Best for You?

Posted on: March 4th, 2016
Trusts allow you to avoid probate, minimize taxes, provide organization, maintain control, and provide for yourself and your heirs. In its most simple terms, a trust is a book of instructions wherein you tell your people what to do, when. ...

Nosey Neighbor Nellie Can Find Out About Your Probate. Really.

Posted on: February 9th, 2016
Most people think of probate as a private process. However, since wills are filed at the courthouse, probated estates become a matter of public record. That means your nosey neighbor Nellie can simply go down to the courthouse or hop online and find out about your probate. Really. ...

2015 In Review

Posted on: February 1st, 2016
One Last Thing: Don't Miss These 2015 Hot Estate Planning Topics! A year in review. ...

Special Needs Planning Issues Following Divorce

Posted on: December 16th, 2015
Divorce can be complicated, frustrating, disappointing, expensive, along with a whole range of other emotions, as anyone who has endured this type of proceeding can attest. As difficult as the issues can be in a divorce proceeding, can you imagine what happens when divorce involves a child with a disability? ...

Financial Smarts Peak at 50, Here's How to Protect Your Older Self

Posted on: December 4th, 2015
4 Tips for Protecting Your Finances From Scams, Shams and Schemes as You Age...

Three Areas of Your Mental Disability Plan That Are Likely Out of Date

Posted on: November 19th, 2015
With the end of the year fast approaching, now is the time to fine tune your estate plan before you get caught up in the chaos of the holiday season. One area of planning that many people overlook is making sure their mental disability plan is up to date....

Leaving Money to Minor Children

Posted on: November 12th, 2015
Every parent wants to make sure their children are provided for in the event something happens to them while the children are still minors. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and other relatives often want to leave some of their assets to young children, too. But good intentions and poor planning often have unintended results....

Planning for Families with children

Posted on: November 5th, 2015
Many young families put off estate planning because they are young and healthy, or because they don't think they can afford it. But even a healthy, young adult can be taken suddenly by an accident or illness. And while none of us expects to die while our family is young, planning for the possibility is prudent and responsible. Also, estate planning does not have to be expensive; a young family can start with the essential legal documents and term life insurance, then update and upgrade as their financial situation improves...

Emergency Contacts for Elders

Posted on: October 19th, 2015
With cases of financial exploitation of the elderly on the rise, advisors who work with older clients are looking for ways to head off the abuse before it happens. Enter the 'Emergency Contact Authorization Form,' a document in which clients can list a trusted person who should be contacted if an advisor suspects a client is starting to lose their mental capacity or, worse yet, being financially abused or scammed. ...

2015 Supreme Court Decisions

Posted on: October 16th, 2015
While approximately 10,000 cases are appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court each year, only 75 to 80 make it to oral argument. Of those cases, only a handful grab the media's attention. Below is a summary of three landmark decisions handed down in 2015 that could affect how you are taxed, pay for healthcare, and plan your estate. ...

Five Things You Need to Know About theABLE Act

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015
The ABLE Act will allow certain individuals with disabilities to establish tax-free savings accounts that can be used to cover expenses not otherwise covered by government sponsored programs. These accounts can be a great supplement to special needs or supplemental needs trusts....

Dispelling the Top 3 Estate Planning Myths

Posted on: July 23rd, 2015
Like any other complex subject, estate planning has its share of myths and misconceptions. Understanding the top three estate planning myths will help you to create and maintain a plan that will work the way you expect it to work when it's needed....


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